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Why Kapil Homes
Why Kapil Homes
Three reasons why you should invest in Kapil homes
100% clear titles
Immediate Registration
Property Protection for years
Kapil homes is a member of Kapil group which was established in 1981. Our three decades in business has seen us satisfactorily service 700,000 subscribers. We have gainfully employed 18000 people directly and indirectly.
Trust is important to us. We value and respect the faith our customers have on us. We believe in keeping our promises and we deliver on time every time
Solid brand reputation: We have been in business for more than 30 years and have built a trustworthy brand. We are a long time player – not a fly by night operator.
Customer Loyalty: Over these 30 years, we have satisfactorily serviced more than 700,000 customers. Many customers continue to trust us with their savings as we have always maintained a long term relationship with them.